In order for someone to respond to the call for Religious Life they need first of all to pray much.  If you feel called to serve God in the Religious Life and wish to know more about what is involved we hope that the following points will be of help to you:

First of all in our Congregation contact in England will be made with Sister Bernadette.

You will be asked to speak on the phone and to send your up to date C.V and also a brief story of your life and your motivation to join Religious life.


You would then be invited to visit and to stay if you wish in our Community for a short time.  Several visits can be made in this way.  After this if you still feel drawn to this Congregation then the following stages take place:


First of all a time of Discernemant  is needed and this would last about seven months.


If you feel that you wish to go one stage further and Reverend Mother General also feels that you are suitable and that you have a vocation she will permit you to become a Postulant.  This stage can last from 6 months to a year.  During this time you will learn more about the Congregation and the Religious life while also participating in Community Life, Prayer  life and Apostolate.




If after the stage of being a Postulant you wish to and feel called to take the next step then this is the Noviciate.  A formal request has to be made to the Reverend Mother General and the General Council and a vote wiiill take place.  This is a time of formation about the Vows and the Sister will learn about the Rule of life of the Congregation.  During this time of  two years one special year of Prayer called the Cannonical Year takes place.  The second year is more active.



Once the Noviciate draws to its end the Sister formally requests to make her Vows if she feelsl called in this Congregation.  She requests this of the Reverend Mother General and the General Council and a vote is taken.  Then she will make her first Religious Profession for one year.  The vows are then renewed each year for five years and can be renewed for up to 9 years in this way.


Final Vows


These can only be made after a minimum of  five years in the Congregation.

A Sister will make a formal request of the Reverend Mother General and the General Council, a vote will be made and a date will be set for the Sister to make her final vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.


At each step of the way there will be discernement and reflection and an active participation if the life of the Congregation. 

Sisters Singing  the Office in the Chapel

Prayer in Community and personally is an essential part of our life.

First Profession

Sister Rosalia is receiving the veil, medal and also the Constitutions and Decrees  from Reverend Mother General  after having pronounced her first Vows.